Download the SDG Compass Guide

Using the links on this page, you can download the full SDG Compass Guide and the Executive Summary.

The objective of the guide companies is to support companies in aligning their strategies with the SDGs and in measuring and managing their contribution.

The guide presents five steps for companies to maximize their contribution to the SDGs. Companies can apply the five steps to set or align their course, depending on where they are on the journey of ensuring that sustainability is an outcome of core business strategy.

The five steps of the SDG Compass rest on the recognition of the responsibility of all companies to comply with all relevant legislation, respect international minimum standards and address as a priority all negative human rights impacts.

The guide is developed with a focus on large multinational enterprises. Small and medium enterprises and other organizations are also encouraged to use it as a source of inspiration and adapt as necessary. It is designed for use at entity level, but may be applied at product, site, divisional or regional level as required.
SDG Compass Chart